Friday, February 26, 2010

party people


after looking at these pics, i am seriously in the mood to party, party, party! i love the party essence of these photos, it reminds of prom. i wish i could have been there.... maybe one day i hope

london fashion week

backstage at london fashion week: prada, d&g, ashish
source: dazed and confused

soooooo .....  i've been so lazy lately, i've really been slacking on my posts . tired of the same old thing, stuck in a rut, it took something inspiring to wake me up. looking at these photos from london's fashion week, really got me motivated again. i wish i could move to london, hopefully its sooner than i think. and hopefully i can be amongst the crowd of the beautiful people at fashion week.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


source: clutch magazine

i am so upset that new orleans does not have a zara. i am not a fan of spring apparel, but their lookbook has me so excited for spring. 

p.s. i want those leather shorts <3

with this ring ...

i need this YSL ring in my life .... ASAP! DJ  are you listening?????? <3

ohhhh acne

source: knightcat

so i must admit, when i first saw these shoes, i was not in love ( must have been a bad angle) . but the more i look at them, the more i want them . these shoes would be hot to have in your possession at all times.... trust me <3

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grammy Awards 2010

   lea michele in romona keveza
lady gaga in giorgio armani prive
katy perry in zac posen
carrie underwood in george chakra 
heidi klum in emilio pucci
fergie in emilio pucci
miley cyrus in herve leger
pink in tony ward
beyonce in stephane rolland

source: just jared

unfortunately, i didn't get a chance to see the 2010 grammy awards, but i was able to catch the red carpet show, of course. the red carpet at the grammy's are always fun to watch, as everyone always seems to show up in some sort of crazy outfit. but this year, i noticed a more prim and proper side of the red carpet goers, than most previous seasons.

on another note, even though i missed watching the awards,  i'm actually relieved. i happened to catch the very last award that was given, which was album of the year. and i must say, i am let down and so disappointed, that of all the great contenders, like lady gaga, beyonce, black eyed peas, taylor swift was awarded album of the year. i am not a fan of the peter pan resemblance carrying taylor swift.  i would have been very upset if i would have watched the award show for 3 hours and 30 minutes,  all for taylor swift to be given an award out of pity, from her recent, but so over it, embarrassment she felt thanks to kanye west at the mtv music awards. taylor swift needs to write kanye west a big, fat check, since she is receiving every award in every category she is in, because everyone still feels so sorry for her.  thanks a lot kanye,  next time let go of the alcohol, and keep your mouth shut, so that other, talented people have a chance at winning an award they worked hard for.

anyway, back to my positive note, like i said, i loved what i saw on the red carpet this year .... good job ladies <3

Monday, February 1, 2010

blast from the past

a few images of 60's style icon and protege' of andy warhol, edie sedgwick.

source: tfs

surprisingly beautiful

unlike everyone else in the universe, i am not that fond of alexa chung. for some reason, her quirky style and personality doesn't seem to attract me. however, i must say that alexa chung looks very gorgeous in this picture, and i now see that attractiveness that everyone gravitates towards. 

source: tfs via knightcatt