Friday, May 28, 2010

dress me up

 source: the served
photography: sara marques de oliveira & vanda noronha

one of my favorite past times in my younger days was playing dress up. me and my little sister would dress up in my mom's clothes and pretend we were famous actresses out to lunch on melrose. of course my mother loved the idea of this and would help us in our wardrobe. she would even layer our faces with blush, eye shadow and lipstick. i remember one time specifically, when we decided to bake with my easy bake oven, and dress up for a tea party. the only problem - i was seven and had no idea about baking, making an awful tasting cake that to this day, still causes me to cringe every time i say or hear the word "easy bake oven". i can absolutely say that my baking skills have improved (or at least i think so) , but i definitely miss those days of playing dress up. <3

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