Thursday, May 6, 2010

feel better .....

me: shirt- lf vintage shirt, shorts - lf, shoes - dirty keds
fashion roux: shirt- lf vintage, shorts- lf vintage

hey guys, hope you all had a great cinco de mayo holiday. from the pics, its obvious myself and fashion roux, had a blast. happy "after" cinco de mayo, and recover well <3


Fashion London Life said...

Enjoy :-)

Island Gal said...


Marlboro Martini said...

Urghhh how unbeleivebly cute are you?!?!!!!

Sorry we didn't sych up, I don't know how to be organised!! Hopefully we can stay in touch - i will definately be ba ck!

JT said...

hi boo!!
You look soooooo adorable!!! Love that cool, effortless look you got going! You should post more outfit pics! you're so pretty!!
Cant wait for you to come to LA!!


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